Friday, November 24, 2006

Ready to Ski

OK. So I didn't go skiing, too busy getting the roads in place so that you can ski. The warm weather created excellent snow for building roads. The snow from the cockpit of the snowcat looked awesome to ski too. At times I was plowing through snow up to the window of the cat. The improvements made to the road systems over the last few years has reduced the job from being exploratory and now it is only occasionally nerve racking. The temperature is supposed to plummet over the next week to -25C so I'll likely be in the office for the week.
The other week I sent out postcards inviting you to come skiing - if you did not get yours please email me with your updated address.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Dumping Out There!

The crazy weather that has been hitting Vancouver and Seattle with historic rain has been dumping the snow at Wildhorse. 80cm fell during the last storm cycle. The snowcat is out and building roads ready for skiing. Our prime road network is built in the summer by excavator so we are ready to ski as soon as we have over a meter of snow. The next storm cycle should put us into prime skiing. I'll show some skiing pictures next blog entry.