Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Times

Of course it's not all work. We camp up at Wildhorse Pass. Have a BBQ in the evenings and enjoy a beer in the moonlight. Talk about the ski days of the past. It helps to have pleasant company. This fall Dan and Mary have been helping out. Skiers from the past at Wildhorse would remember Dan as our snowboarding tailguide and mechanic. Skiers from Valhalla Catskiing might remember Mary as their cat driver.

Snowcat Maintenance

We probably spend a day of maintenance on the snowcat for every 2 days of catskiing during the winter. Every season the tracks come off - and I think they weight about a ton. All the wheels are removed and inspected. This year we are moving to solid rubber tires so no more flats. The suspension is checked and this year we are upgrading to the heavy duty suspension normally found on winch snowcats. All the fluid filters, hoses, wires, cables, bearings, seals, electronics are checked and replaced. The frame of the snowcat is checked for cracks and welded. Then we put it all back together again. Then we go skiing.