Sunday, December 10, 2006

BlueBird Day

During December and early January we generally get lots of snow. Accompanying lots of snow is many days of flat light and poor visibility. Fortunately the tree skiing at Wildhorse is awesome. Perfectly spaced trees with runs varying from cruising through gentle slopes, 30 degree black diamond runs, and double blacks with the odd cliff or drop off. When the weather does open up it is magical. The snow is perfect and blanketed untracked across everything you can see. The stability at this time of year is usually pretty good except for the odd sluff of loose snow on steeper sections. Today it was perfect and we skiied Wildhorse Peak. Perfect powder on 35 degrees through a little chute and then traversed over to the main bowl and dropped 1000 ft of alpine powder through another cliff band and out into the meadow. Yahoo!

Friday, December 01, 2006

First Turns

The skiing has been dry, deep and light. The weather cleared up on Tuesday for a bluebird day. The coast of British Columbia has been hammered by storm after storm all November. Record amounts of precipitation for the century have been recorded in Vancouver. For Wildhorse Catskiing the skiing is in perfect condition. See you soon. Huge Discounted rates available for bookings prior to December 20th. Call 1-888-488-4327 for details.