Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Investment for Powder

Interested in an investment for powder? We are planning a major expansion next winter with new terrain, a second cat and further improvements at Qua Yurt. The basic deal is $10,000 for a share in Wildhorse Catskiing & Powder Mining Co. interest includes a 3 day catskiing package paid annually in powder skiing at Wildhorse Catskiing or a week at the Ymir Yurts. Investment returned on demand ( 90 days notice ), or repaid at our option. As the price of catskiing increases your investment increases in value - yahoo! Transferable. Call Trevor at 1-888-488-4327 to discuss.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Early Season Skiing

The fall here in the Kootenay's has been cold and wet which for skiers is awesome. There has been snow in the mountains since mid October. Some of the deepest skiing of the year is in December when we get storm after storm of cold light fluff. If you are looking for deep then book the cat. We don't get a lot of requests for December skiing so we only book full cat rentals but at the bargain price of 2400 - that's 200 per person! This year could be the year of the snorkel.