Thursday, January 28, 2010

What do we do on our Day Off

And these blogs for more photos and adventures in the backcountry around Wildhorse Catskiing.
So we put down this line on Wildhorse Peak and then for the next two days dragged some adventurous clients up there too.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Greg and Lyndell from visited us last week for a day of catskiing. We had a great time skiing with them again - here is their review from last winter. We were lucky again ( as we are every day! ) to be skiing great powder ( with sunshine for great photos! ). We also love it when it's snowing and we can't see for the snow billowing over our goggles.....
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Powder and Sunshine

The last couple of days have been perfect. Sunshine and powder and a stable snowpack. Charlie rips it up down to Wildhorse Meadows. We put down lines into Mustang Bowl, Perfect Glades and Rocking Horse.
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Ymir Palace

Welcome to the Ymir Palace - headquarters of Wildhorse Catskiing during the winter. Hosts Belinda and Ross White renovated an old mining day hotel and now prepare delicious breakfasts and dinners for hungry skiers. Ready to go skiing!